working again

January 26, 2010 at 5:19 pm (Uncategorized)

well after a few weeks of interviewing, testing, etc. i will finally start working next week. although its a temporary job, its a start. two  to three months of administrative support, data entry and analysis, not too crazy. i interviewed for one position and was over-qualified. i tested and interviewed for another, but it was filled the next day. they decided they wanted me for the first position (the one i was over-qualified for) i declined. they called me on friday to tell me about another job, not a call center…i had a phone interview on monday, they said it would be a few days until they made a decsion. i got a call fifteen minutes later, with a job offer!

i have to say that working with a temp agency has its challenges. between phone calls not returned, talking to six different people and taking a wide variety of computerized tests; it’s a lot of work to get to work. of course they talk a good game at the beginning; ‘your skills and test scores are great, can you start this week?’ in reality, it takes much, much longer.

i have mixed feelings about working full time. of course, the biggest one is how will i manage and juggle family, school activities and everything else? but i’ve done it before so i can do it again. it takes extreme organization and effort…i’m ready for the challenge!  

i just renewed my subscription to martha stewart everyday food. if you haven’t picked up this particular monthly mini-magazine then you are missing out. there is a shopping list, helpful tips and great recipes. one of my other sources for great ideas is the martha stewart food page there are lots of great ideas for dinner, lunch and snacks.

i’ll keep you posted on my progress!


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it’s time

January 17, 2010 at 11:41 pm (Uncategorized)

we’ve joined a health club. period. our goals are to get more healthy, have more energy and hopefully lose some fat. after telling the trainer that i didn’t really want to count calories, he broke the bad news to me. calories must be counted. as a self-professed ‘foodie’ i can’t imagine anything more painful than counting calories. but evidently, there is some sort of correlation between how many calories you eat and how much exercise you perform. sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me, but okay, i’ll play the game.

the smallest of baby steps. this week i’m trying to go at least four times. i’m going to start on the elliptical machine, it seems a good place to burn some calories. i’m also going to start writing down everything i eat. my friend onebetamom has a site where she logs everything the eats in the day. her idea is that once you type it down you are accountable!

let the games begin!

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free at last

January 8, 2010 at 5:13 pm (Uncategorized)

well, today seems to be the day. our last day to be home owners. we are now ‘renters’ , its official. i’ll say again the words spoken by a friend….’we will live this way, so that some day we can live like no one else’. to me that means that today we will live consciously, frugally, a below-our-means-kind of life; so that in the future we can live a very different life. so with the signing of the papers, the passing of the keys, this chapter in our crazy lives is over!  we were hoping by the new year, but give or take a week, it’s not too bad.

next? well, i’m glad you asked. i’m supposed to be ‘temping’ full-time for considerably more pay than my fun retail job…but so far the temp agency has not been very good with their follow-through! i love it when they want you so bad you have to come in that very day for an interview, test, etc. and then at least two people call you within 24 hours to see if you want their job assignment and then when you say ‘yes’, get me the details….they never return your call! what is the deal!?

in addition i’m working on a family budget! yikes! i know…scary stuff. i know someone who did the  dave ramsey  envelope system for their budget and it worked for them, they paid their house off in like 3 years! i know that it will be most difficult for me – my husband, no problem.  i am breaking my ultra consumerism patterns, but it’s not been easy. i do enjoy shopping at goodwill, sally’s, etc…but you can’t get everything at a thrift shop!

here’s to a great 2010!

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….and we’re off….

January 3, 2010 at 10:10 pm (Uncategorized)

the new year is off and running. so far we are surviving near arctic conditions, without the added benefit of extra hours of sunshine! our furnace was wonky for a day and one of our cars stopped running. on the bright side we are all reasonably healthy and rested from our time off the last couple of weeks. since today is the first day of the first week of the new year, i’m kicking off the eating healthy thing. i don’t have any crazy ideas like giving up caffeine (done that before), but more of a conscious and healthy eating routine.

my good friend onebetamom started the b-i-w-i routine….bite it, write it. this seems like a public and eye-opening way to really ‘see’ what you are eating, what your pitfalls are and how you can make better choices. i’m going to give this a try. now she is counting calories, making protein smoothies and *gasp* exercising. well, i don’t want to go all crazy, but i think i’ll start by writing down what i eat and then add some exercise soon!

the YMCA seems to be the best bang for our buck. ours is close by, offers a wide variety of classes, pilates anyone? so i’m adding this to my ‘to do’ list for the week….join the Y.

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On the eve of the New Year

December 31, 2009 at 5:21 pm (Uncategorized)

just a quick post as take a break from some errands….. last year was a life changing, stressful year. my goal in 2010 is to cut the stress and drama from my life and to live fully and consciously in every moment. choosing my friends wisely and letting go of things that just don’t matter in the long run. working to live, but not living to work.

my job search continues; if ever its the ‘right’ time to take a job strictly for the low-stress, steady paycheck…then i think 2010 is it. sorry for a healthy dose of realism, but it is not always possible to live your dream. there. i said it out loud. sometimes you try to live your dream, fail in some respects, and then pick yourself up and live a DIFFERENT dream. i guess it puts things more in perspective for me. my family and security is more important than so many other things.

ok…enough…this was just a quick note…more later!

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christmas traditions

December 26, 2009 at 6:10 pm (Uncategorized)

well this year i blew all my notions about christmas traditions right out the door. being sick really puts it all into perspective. i wasn’t able to put in my usual hours and hours of baking and cooking. christmas as an adult has mostly been about food and family. once you have a child its more about them experiencing the holiday ‘traditions’ while balancing the crazy commercialism of the modern season.

i’ve always resisted the notion of being ‘away’ at christmas; eating dinner in a restaurant, sleeping in a hotel bed, never been my idea of a good time. but this year, down with a vicious head cold, i was unable to do many of the things that i thought of as ‘traditional’ christmas stuff. i didn’t *gasp* make my own coordinated wrapping paper, gift tags & cards. i didn’t make fudge. i didn’t decorate the tree until a week before. i didn’t put up my usual holiday decor. i didn’t even put up the christmas stockings {truthfully, i couldn’t find them}.

and you know what? the world did not fall apart! i remembered hearing about some countries putting their shoes out for st. nick to fill…so a simple google search…and viola…i told my son we were following the traditions of romania and putting our boots out for said gifts! i did manage to bake some sugar cookies, letting my son decorate with colored frosting. we did meet up with my in-laws on christmas eve; i managed to make it thru a delicious {so i’m told…i couldn’t taste anything} soup dinner with an impressive dessert buffet. but by the time we left i was fading fast, so we decided to forgo stopping at friend. i was able to preserve one bit of tradition by staying up long enough to read ‘the night before christmas’.

christmas morning we were able to open presents, eat a little breakfast and take a nap. after cooking the ham & potatoes, we nibbled over the kitchen sink then it was time for movies and to try out the new ‘rock band’ santa had brought for our son.

 i realized that i would not mind spending next christmas in mexico…on the beach…eating shrimp tacos…drinking margaritas – as long as the people i love are with me! travelocity here i come…is it too soon to book tickets now?

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where to start!?

December 10, 2009 at 11:55 pm (Uncategorized)

i’m feeling a little overwhelmed today! with only 2 days til we get the moving truck for the big things…i still have sooo much stuff to pack. i will admit to being very direction-less today; not quite sure where to start as so many things need to be done…yesterday!  thanks to my good friends that kept riley last night and most of the day, i didn’t have to battle my own organizational nightmare while at the same time keeping him occupied.

of course it doesn’t help that the weather decided to turn nasty. with abut 15″ of snow….yes, more than a foot….and the temps in the very low single digits {before the wind chill factor}…moving has never seemed so daunting. i’ve been trying  to get through the mountain of laundry in the next couple of days, so that at least we will have clean clothes and bedding. i made the executive decision that we will be eating take out the next few days or easy things like cereal & frozen waffles!

i guess i just needed to whine and vent a little! back to the packing.

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December 1, 2009 at 1:54 am (Uncategorized)

well, i’ve decided that it would be easier to paint a couple of rooms at the new place before actually moving in! so today i went to the local ace true value hardware store to check out the paint selection. {i really am trying to buy more small local than big box} i had this idea that i would buy the low v.o.c. paint; but i admit to not being at all versed on the matter. according to a few sites its better for your indoor enviornment, lets off less toxic fumes, etc.

then i got the sticker shock. almost twice as much per gallon over a national premium paint. really? you would think that because it doesn’t have a bunch of stuff in there it would actually be less! why is it so hard to do the right thing? the moral part is easy…i’m already there…on so many ‘healthy’ or ‘organic’ ideas. but then they get you with the price. i just wanted to paint a few rooms, not take out a small loan!

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so thankful

November 26, 2009 at 4:13 pm (Uncategorized)

to me thanksgiving is the traditional start of the holiday season. if you celebrate christmas, thanksgiving is the beginning of the countdown. this year i will continue not spending too much money on useless/un-needed items; instead purchasing thoughtful, meaningful gifts. i’m thankful that our extended family of cousins only buy gifts for the kids. hearing about other family’s gift exchanges with adult brothers/sisters just makes me crazy. one friend’s family draws names, accompanied by a list of suggested items, and then limits the gift to $100. yes, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, US currency! I think this is insane! to spend that much money on a gift you HAVE to give! what ever happened to buying a gift because you wanted to? because the person would love it?

but i digress….lets all be thankful for things big and small! take a moment and think about what you are most thankful about!

everyday i’m thankful for so many things, including but not limited to….my husband, my son, my family & friends. i’m thankful that my son is a thoughtful, caring boy, who takes an interest in just about everything! i’m thankful that my husband has always been supportive and caring, even in the most difficult of times (mostly).

as our family embarks on a new journey of  ‘conscious living’; i’m thankful that we have the opportunity and family to help us in our endeavors. take a moment today to hug a loved one, and don’t get caught up into the hype of the holiday season.

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November 24, 2009 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

it’s not a four letter word. some days i’m not so sure! today, i actually got a ton of things done; even though i got to sleep in a little. maybe its the ny-quil talking, but after a solid 8+ hours of sleep i was ready to go! my strategy on moving seems to differ a little bit from my husbands. since we can go to our ‘new’ house anytime and unpack; i’d rather take several boxes of stuff every day and put things away in the right spots. he, on the other hand, just wants to stack everything wherever and sort thru it later. granted, he’s got a ton on his plate right now with work and a free-lance media room re-model. but, really…..can we have a little bit of organization!?

all i asked for were some shelves in the new basement, so that i could move things from one place to the other easily! you would have thought i’d asked for custom built, teakwood, in-laid shelves. i was really just thinking mdf or whatever was easy to cut! men.

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