sans make up? spare me!

May 25, 2010 at 10:55 am (Uncategorized)

so there is this recent trend of celebrities going without make-up on purpose to show their ‘natural’ selves. whats the big deal? it got me thinking…how many days have i gotten out of the house without my complete ‘face’ on? the answer: more times than i care to admit! after discussing with a co-worker how long it takes her to get her face on {5 minutes} i realized that i can’t remember the last time i put my make-up on in one continuous space of time!

as mom’s we pride ourselves on multi-tasking. i know my hectic mornings do not include an un-interupted 5 minutes…ok…maybe in the shower…a scant 8 minutes, if i’m lucky. but after that, i’m a multi-tasking maniac! between getting the boy up, keeping him on track, making coffee, putting lunches together, getting dressed…all while doing my make-up in between.

so in answer to the ‘celebrities’ showing up in public without make-up…who the f- cares? i don’t watch you in order to see you looking like a haggard representation of my sex…so please, spare us all and keep those make up artists employed, put some goddamn make up on!


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