sooner or later

May 12, 2010 at 2:19 am (Uncategorized)

i knew it was bound to happen. it just happened a bit sooner than i thought. my son lied to me. he’s only nine. it wasn’t a big lie, but a lie nonetheless. it was the typical morning rush to get out the door. my normal questions to him as i’m trying to get myself ready; did you feed your dog?- yes; did you feed your gecko? – yes. well, right there was the lie. he in fact had not fed his gecko…and i knew this because it actually takes more than 30 seconds to feed a gecko.

just for point of reference, feeding a gecko requires a little bit of calcium supplement powder sprinkled in the bottom of the dish. next…and here’s the fun part…you have to dig a few little meal worms out of the handy refrigerated container, then drop them into the dish. last, like all pets, gordon the gecko likes fresh water.

all of this takes more than a few minutes. well for whatever reason, my son decided to lie and tell me he fed his gecko when really he did not. obviously, i had to call him on it. it was a moment that i’ll probably remember for a very long time; but it had to happen sooner or later…i just wasn’t really prepared.


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