i hate being late

May 4, 2010 at 1:27 am (Uncategorized)

gah! why are mondays the ultimate slap-in-the-face-after-a-perfectly-lovely-weekend? i know i need to change my attitude about mondays; but for now it is at the very bottom of my list. no matter how much i prepare; clothes ironed, laid out, lunches made, coffee prepped, its is still a mad dash to the door. do some of us have the oh-my-god-i-can’t-be-late gene; and others not? for myself; it is almost painful for me to be late. it’s a physical feeling in the pit of my stomach, working its way upward manifesting itself as the annoying acid-reflux. even though i know that my current [temporary] work-place doesn’t really pay attention if we are 3 minutes late; its hard for me to get back on track after running behind.

so did my monday go to shit because i was late? or was it an entirely different set of parameters that determined the shittiness of my day? could it be my manager [yes, temporary] that can’t seem to buck up and take care of the things that  they should? today, that would be difficult customers, stupid emails and requests from others for stuff i have no idea how to do. or is it because i was almost ten minutes late to my desk?

at least i had a freshly ironed, cute outfit and a great lunch to eat!


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