April 28, 2010 at 11:43 am (Uncategorized)

wow. it kind of hurts. while i will admit to un-friending only a couple of people; i wasn’t really paying attention to how many friends i had on facebook. a lot of my friends don’t post very often, some all the time. so when i ran into this person and said, ‘hey, its been a while, how are you?’ and there was a sort of awkward silence, that got me thinking. since i’m online every day i realized that i hadn’t seen a post from this person in quite a while.  after a couple of minutes of stilted conversation [luckily my kid was restless and ready to go] we parted.

after getting home i decided to check, and sure enough, i was no longer ‘friends’ with this person. and boy did it hurt. since i had known this person for a few years, worked with them, i thought that even though we didn’t see each other on a regular basis we would still be friends. even if it was just FB friends. i enjoy seeing and hearing from people who i’ve known over the years and i hope they enjoy hearing from me. FB makes it easy to stay connected to people who you enjoy even though geography may separate you.

those of you that know me would never say that i have a marshmallow center. more likely its a nice chewy caramel center; not completely hard, but certainly not soft. but this un-friending hurt. now i’m re-playing every conversation, every event and trying to figure out what i did wrong. what do you think? have you been un-friended? did it bother you and did you do anything about it?



  1. carma said,

    I’ve not been un-friended (that I know of – I don’t pay attention to FB much) – but I did lose 2 followers on my blog yesterday and that sort of bummed me out; it’s very similar – was it something I said, etc.

    All this social media stuff can be wonderfully fun, but also a bit depressing at times!

    • fortyisfabulous said,

      thanks…i know what you mean. i try not to let it bother me; but in this case i really thought we were close friends…so that was the surprising part!

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