April 26, 2010 at 10:22 am (Uncategorized)

pod people. what comes to mind? for me its shallow, non-thinking, follow-the-crowd people. my adventure thus far in cubbie-land is leading me to believe that pod people work almost exclusively for ultra large corporations. this is not to say that EVERYONE that works for said ultra large corporation is a pod person. but, it is my observation that a great many pod people are very gainfully employed by ULC [ultra large corporation].

over the last two months i’ve gotten to observe why the ULC has multiple layers of managers and managers. not only is it job security for a great many people; but if you are only working at a 75% capacity then it appears that there is just too much work for one person to do, thereby creating another job for someone else. so far i have not seen any single employee’s productivity questioned. how is it that one person [a temp] can learn a job and execute the job in half the time of a long time employee? trust me, i ask myself that question almost every day.

now, admittedly, i am an overachiever; but even at my 80% effort i am easily able to keep up with the work load. i guess it comes down to how i want to spend my day. under-achieving? i’m starting to think of it as conserving my brain power for bigger and better things [not related to helping the ULC make more money].

what do you think? is it ok to give the ULC only 80% of my brain power? will that make me pod-person?


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  1. Sheri said,

    I definitely am an overachiever and have experienced numerous times in my career that this good quality of mine will only be used against me as my managers dump more work on me (because they know I can/will handle it) while the majority of others barely do the minimum.

    Fortunately at this point in my career, I have nothing to prove – I don’t want to be the boss (I’m a boss at home, that’s enough), I don’t desire power or prestige (yeah, I’m famous at home and in my neighborhood). I work solely for the paycheck and will do a good job because that’s my work ethic. I gladly leave the decision making and stress and control for someone else.

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