its been a while

April 25, 2010 at 8:15 pm (Uncategorized)

human motivation. what a tricky thing. it can’t be bought. it can’t be stolen. you either have it or you don’t. lately my motivation has been elusive. after starting back to work full-time i’m finding it hard to balance my time. my foray into ‘cubie-land’ has been interesting and not without rewards. interesting in the sense that i haven’t really worked for someone else [let alone a huge corporation] in a very long time; rewarding in the fact that each week i get a paycheck [also haven’t had that for a long time].

Over the past year or so i’ve worked up to five different ‘jobs’ at the same time in order to bring in some sort of revenue. after starting in cubie-land i decided that i could safely let one of those jobs go. so i gave up my retail gig. as much as i loved it [most of the time] it was the job that paid the least amount and required working weekends.

this has been my first weekend off and its been a different kind of challenge. deciding what projects i ‘want’ to do as opposed to what projects i ‘have’ to do. i’ve also been able to devote some needed time to job #2. i like having stimulating projects to kep me busy and when you find one you enjoy and they pay you…even better. i just wish that job #2 could afford to pay me full-time. so for now; cubie-land is my full-time, temporary, long-term job and job #2 is my part-time, permanent job.

so even though its been a while since i posted; my brain is full to brimming with thoughts and ideas. i will endeavour to be more consistent with my posts! if you have thoughts on what keeps you motivated, i’d love to hear it!


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