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wow. it kind of hurts. while i will admit to un-friending only a couple of people; i wasn’t really paying attention to how many friends i had on facebook. a lot of my friends don’t post very often, some all the time. so when i ran into this person and said, ‘hey, its been a while, how are you?’ and there was a sort of awkward silence, that got me thinking. since i’m online every day i realized that i hadn’t seen a post from this person in quite a while.  after a couple of minutes of stilted conversation [luckily my kid was restless and ready to go] we parted.

after getting home i decided to check, and sure enough, i was no longer ‘friends’ with this person. and boy did it hurt. since i had known this person for a few years, worked with them, i thought that even though we didn’t see each other on a regular basis we would still be friends. even if it was just FB friends. i enjoy seeing and hearing from people who i’ve known over the years and i hope they enjoy hearing from me. FB makes it easy to stay connected to people who you enjoy even though geography may separate you.

those of you that know me would never say that i have a marshmallow center. more likely its a nice chewy caramel center; not completely hard, but certainly not soft. but this un-friending hurt. now i’m re-playing every conversation, every event and trying to figure out what i did wrong. what do you think? have you been un-friended? did it bother you and did you do anything about it?


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almost famous

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so one of my twitter friends mentioned me on CNN tonight! @QueenofSpain is her twitter name; you can find her blog here http://queenofspainblog.com/  .  i follow her on twitter because she is insightful, progressive and even if she’s into hockey [whatever] she shares my point of view as a mom, working and raising kids in this crazy world.

since i don’t have tv; i had to watch it online…thanks Queen for sending out the youtube link…the segment was about video game violence and the supreme court.  now, in my state [iowa] most of those games can’t be sold to people under the age of eighteen. i tweeted to Queen earlier in the day that we allowed our 9-year-old to play Modern Warfare, but limit the amount of time he can play. we also have at length discussions about the difference between real life and video games and/or movies.

anyway…i think its cool that @QueenofSpain mentioned me on CNN!!!

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pod people. what comes to mind? for me its shallow, non-thinking, follow-the-crowd people. my adventure thus far in cubbie-land is leading me to believe that pod people work almost exclusively for ultra large corporations. this is not to say that EVERYONE that works for said ultra large corporation is a pod person. but, it is my observation that a great many pod people are very gainfully employed by ULC [ultra large corporation].

over the last two months i’ve gotten to observe why the ULC has multiple layers of managers and managers. not only is it job security for a great many people; but if you are only working at a 75% capacity then it appears that there is just too much work for one person to do, thereby creating another job for someone else. so far i have not seen any single employee’s productivity questioned. how is it that one person [a temp] can learn a job and execute the job in half the time of a long time employee? trust me, i ask myself that question almost every day.

now, admittedly, i am an overachiever; but even at my 80% effort i am easily able to keep up with the work load. i guess it comes down to how i want to spend my day. under-achieving? i’m starting to think of it as conserving my brain power for bigger and better things [not related to helping the ULC make more money].

what do you think? is it ok to give the ULC only 80% of my brain power? will that make me pod-person?

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its been a while

April 25, 2010 at 8:15 pm (Uncategorized)

human motivation. what a tricky thing. it can’t be bought. it can’t be stolen. you either have it or you don’t. lately my motivation has been elusive. after starting back to work full-time i’m finding it hard to balance my time. my foray into ‘cubie-land’ has been interesting and not without rewards. interesting in the sense that i haven’t really worked for someone else [let alone a huge corporation] in a very long time; rewarding in the fact that each week i get a paycheck [also haven’t had that for a long time].

Over the past year or so i’ve worked up to five different ‘jobs’ at the same time in order to bring in some sort of revenue. after starting in cubie-land i decided that i could safely let one of those jobs go. so i gave up my retail gig. as much as i loved it [most of the time] it was the job that paid the least amount and required working weekends.

this has been my first weekend off and its been a different kind of challenge. deciding what projects i ‘want’ to do as opposed to what projects i ‘have’ to do. i’ve also been able to devote some needed time to job #2. i like having stimulating projects to kep me busy and when you find one you enjoy and they pay you…even better. i just wish that job #2 could afford to pay me full-time. so for now; cubie-land is my full-time, temporary, long-term job and job #2 is my part-time, permanent job.

so even though its been a while since i posted; my brain is full to brimming with thoughts and ideas. i will endeavour to be more consistent with my posts! if you have thoughts on what keeps you motivated, i’d love to hear it!

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