time flies…its time to clean up!

October 21, 2009 at 1:28 am (Uncategorized)

i love halloween! the crisp air, the leaves turning, costumes & pumpkins…there is nothing about this month that i don’t love. this year, for the first time i am organizing a haunted house. luckily, i just have to coordinate volunteers and put a costume on and take money and food donations. it has been a ton of work, but also a lot of fun.

this time of year always makes me reflect on the past year…it gets me thinking about goals for next year, what to keep doing, what to stop doing! on my personal list this year is cleaning up the trash. i’m not talking about the emptys in my recycle box; i’m talking about habits, people, things that clutter and wear you down. i feel like i go thru this every few years; i tend to collect people, projects, etc. and they aren’t always the best thing for me.

i don’t want to sound capricious or frivolous, but sometimes it is important to purge your life. i’ve already done that with my material possessions (house on the market) now its time to do it with relationships or groups that seem to suck more out of you than you receive in the end. as my husband says…’you give, and you give and you give’. i have a much larger capacity for ‘groups’ than he does! i still have a few friends that don’t suck me dry with their drama; but otherwise…be warned….its time to clean up the dead foliage!


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