Summer Vacation?

June 8, 2009 at 1:12 am (Uncategorized)

well, i don’t really have a vacation planned, but my 8 year old has certainly been looking forward to it. i do think there is a bit of mental electricity when thinking of the summer months. lately its been the fact that there are so many things coming up that keeping things in perspective is a challange. today, i blissfully start what will be possibly a month without my child! after a two week stay with grandma & grandpa at ‘the farm’ (10 acres, no animals) he will go on an extended stay to my sainted, beta-mom, sister in chicago. well, of course i vow that these few weeks will be full of projects started AND completed; social appointments and of course more work.  we will see how much i’m able to deliver. i have both the ‘work’ to do list and the ‘project’ to list.

one of my most recent side projects that has been eating away at the back of my mind is going to get some much needed thought and research. we have some great friends, close to our age, one child, just like us; we’ve vacationed together, cooked together, watched each others’ child, etc.  our thought is that we already spend so much time together, why don’t we just live together?

now i don’t mean live in a small three bedroom house; i mean build a house with co-living as the focus, off the grid, growing our veggies and raising our sons together. is this just too crazy? i don’t mean 1970’s commune style….i guess i mean 21st century commune style. i need to explore if this is happening already; certainly other cultures have multi generational living arrangements; would this be so different? would it save money? create a new social dynamic?

these are the things i need to explore!


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motivation is a hard commodity

June 1, 2009 at 8:04 pm (Uncategorized)

wow! until recently i had always thought of myself as a motivated individual. now, not so much. i hate whiners, i don’t want to be whiner, but i’m really having difficulty gettin my ass in gear. lately i’ve only taken work that is of interest to me, but the bottom line is money is not a motivater, but it should be.   in these challenging financial times; i know i’m grateful to have any type of job that someone will pay me for, but all i want to do is read books and be lazy.

if you are a free-lance person, how do you motivate yourself day in and day out? i’m guessing that your love of a roof over your head and food on the table have something to do with it?  my procrastination is not helpful! arghhhh!

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